10 January 2011

Facebook is taking over the world. I post a lot of pictures of my child and other people’s children and I don’t know who, of my 412 “friends” is looking at them. Maybe everyone is sick of seeing my photos and I really have nothing to worry about. Perhaps everyone hides my news feed and it’s a great big joke in the Fb community that I even have an account. That’s cool; there are people on Myspace who worship me.

Either way, I have created lists of people who have access to very little or very specific content on my FB profile and I am listing a brief how-to here, because as Fb gets more pervasive, you may also come across this issue. Yes, you, all seven of you. Especially if you don’t have the sperm receptacles to deny anyone friendship. You may want to consider doing this for coworkers, family, minors, New Jersey residents, or ex-boyfriends; you can control whether these people see your albums, posts, wall, tagged photos, info, etc. So I have a gaggle of friends but only some of them can see my inspirational status updates and topless child.

Step 1: Create a List

Click on Account (upper right)>Edit Friends>Create a List (at the top)

Name the list in the empty field that begs you to Enter a Name (for this example, we’ll use Nemesis)

Click on people whom you’d like to be on this list (all of your enemies)

Click the Create List button at the bottom

Step 2: Choose Access Levels

Click on Account (upper right)>Privacy Settings

Click Customize Settings (it is hyperlinked, mid-page)

It lists all of the areas in which you can control access. So, if you created a list for “Nemesis” and you don’t want this group to have access to your wall posts, in the Posts by Me drop-down menu, select Custom Edit and in the bottom Hide this From field, type in the name of the list (Nemesis). Then hit Save Settings.

It takes you back to the general control area and the Posts by Me privacy option now says “Friends Only (or Friends of Friends, if you so daringly choose); Except: Nemesis.”

You can continue doing this for all of the other areas. And if you add me to any of these groups, I will know instantly.