Lit Loot

1 October 2010

Check out this amazing stash scored at my local thrift store (my favorite is The Miami Giant). This excludes the books that I lost in battle to JLH. They were only .79 cents each and instead of writing Beau’s name inside, I write a little note/poem/factoid to her. I also do that in books people give to her, so you may want to start writing your own messages, to avoid things like this:


On your first birthday, Aimee Lastname gave this to you. Please enjoy the gratuitous penis illustrations; Aimee will make you ovary-shaped pancakes and explain how those things work when you’re 4.



2 Responses to “Lit Loot”

  1. Aimee Says:

    Just for the record I had no idea there were so many little weenies in that book…. I will remind you that YOU requested that one 🙂

    I picked Ferdinand and Skippy Jon Jones 🙂

  2. Christina Locke Says:

    I totally remember the ovary pancake movie. Eew.

    I love your blogs, Brooke. You should write a book.

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