If You have 15 Minutes to Spend on Facebook…

13 September 2010

Every time I add something to my Taskmaster 5000 list and think “I don’t have time for this,” a judgmental voice in the back of my head reminds me that if I have 15 minutes to blow snooping into other people’s lives (or blabbing about mine) on Facebook, I have no excuse to not do tasks on this list. Let this be encouragement and a bit of chastisement; you too! can do these things and certainly, much, much  more.

-Hang clothing on a clothesline. If you have space, buy one. If you live in FL, they should be handed out on your 18th birthday. We use an umbrella-style dryer which you can buy for about $40. Save money on your power bill, get a dose of vitamin d, and extend the life of your clothing. It won’t take long to recoup the cost of purchase with savings on your power bill.

-Make your own cleaning solutions. I use vinegar for almost everything. I keep a mix of vinegar and tea tree oil in a spray bottle for basic cleaning. For scrubbing, I make a paste of either baking soda or borax. Since I eliminated chemical cleaners, I rarely get headaches. Think about it–when you spray anything with your windows closed, you are absorbing it through your lungs and skin. Other things I use vinegar for (which is super cheap, BTW): rinse aid in the dishwasher, air freshener, fabric softener, floors, stain treatment, windows, microwave, kill fruit flies, boiling eggs, getting rid of cooking smells, and you can see more ideas here.

-Read. I used to read so much. In NYC, I took the local train on purpose so I could spend more time with Pillars of the Earth. Now I have these piles of books and lists on my phone (aka TM5000) that seem so daunting. Where is the time? Oh, it’s on the computer.

-Learn to do something new. In my case, sew, which I can now remove from the “Things I Want to Do” list on the Taskmaster 5000.

-Exercise. I’ve already gained 4 pounds since I entered suburbia. I blame the sweet tea. I got free DVDs to test from Fitness Magazine, so there’s really no reason for me to be on Facebook.

-Everything else I have intentions of doing: create and send a birthday card to my brother, figure out which state offers the best 529 plan, realize I shouldn’t have a 529 plan until I have something significant in a retirement plan, journal, blog, finish Beau’s baby book, edit photos from 3 weeks ago, file my claws, decide on a costume for a Tim Burton party, and vacuum. Mary Ellen made sure I got the vacuuming done.


2 Responses to “If You have 15 Minutes to Spend on Facebook…”

  1. clocke22 Says:

    A Tim Burton party? I’m so jealous! I’m guessing you’ve already read it but Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano is one of my favorit books. She has a new one out with sewing and DIY stuff but I haven’t read it.

  2. RaeAnn Says:

    After reading this I’m still lazy, but I’m rethinking my vinegar use.

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