Initial Observations

7 July 2010

I have been in the Sunshine State for a week. In an awesome-off, between FL and NYC, it’s a close call. Here are some initial observations…

I left my debit card in the PBI airport and a deputy promptly called me, offering to meet me on the curb if I could pick it up anytime that night. I could not, and returned the next day. There was no line and all I had to do was give my name to the friendly employee. No identification and no attitude. Score FL.

Redesigned WalMart looks more WalMarty than ever before. Score NYC.

Father/son matching mullets. Score FL.

Father/son matching mullets confounded by the atm machine. Score NYC.

No line, no screaming, and no fear at the post office. Score FL.

Only iced coffee vendor is McDonald’s. Score NYC.

Bumper sticker reading: I’ll keep my money, freedom, and guns. You can keep the change. Tie?


5 Responses to “Initial Observations”

  1. Sunnylee Says:

    I hate that bumper sticker.

  2. Kristine Says:

    Your post office sounds boring.

  3. Sarah Says:

    Um. I don’t know that Chobee is a representative sample of the state as a whole. Definitely more entertaining though.

  4. therobynnest Says:

    This made me laugh out loud– I nearly got into a fistfight every time I went to the post office in Brooklyn (Bushwick, yo).

    I sent you a note through babycenter. Hi.

  5. brooke rains Says:

    Seriously–it’s New York City. There should be an automated postal station in every f-ing post office. Do you know how much screaming would be eliminated?

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