Pit Truth

26 May 2010

I am not into deodorant. Not shocking since as a child, the best part about swimming was that I got to skip a bath that night. Mainly, I don’t like the aluminum and other ingredients found in traditional deodorant, but I also don’t like smelling. So I decided to try out this recipe, using coconut oil and baking soda and other things. I thought the scent was pleasant and was working on getting the consistency down when I broke out in a rash and stopped using it. Stopped using all deodorant until I recovered. And then I just got used to being without it. It isn’t bad. That may change when I move to the swamp but for now, I really don’t smell as homeless as I thought I would.


7 Responses to “Pit Truth”

  1. RaeAnn Says:

    I would like to hear about Oscar’s reaction to this deodorant ban.

  2. Judy Says:

    Hhhmm I actually know a couple of women like this. But I too would like to know Oscar’s thoughts. Do you wear perfume? If so, do you put on extra?

  3. brooke rains Says:

    He doesn’t even know. And he hasn’t complained, so I am in the clear. Although, we really don’t get that close to each other, so maybe you should ask Beau.

  4. Gwynne Says:

    I struggled for almost 2 years with finding a deodorant without aluminum in it that would actually work for me! I kept having to revert back to my old one…but I FINALLY found one that works: Arm and Hammer Naturals! I L O V E, love it! It really does its job and i don’t feel like a hippy! or smell like one! hehehehe you may need to give it a shot when you get back to swampland!

  5. JJ Says:

    I’ve tried it and that Arm and Hammer is the business.

  6. taraferreira Says:

    have you found a good sunblock without bad stuff in it? i choose to cover my children in clothing (which they hate) to avoid using the chemicals. your thoughts on this…

  7. brooke rains Says:

    Yes on the sunblock, Tara. Either California Baby or Badger. I use Badger but both are chemical free and work amazingly. You can get them from diapers.com, amazon, Target, and Whole Foods.

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